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50s-Style Inspired Fulton Lee Breaking the Monotony

Following your dreams can be seem far from reality for many, but Nashville native, Fulton Lee knows nothing about that. The 20-year old artist is embracing a vintage aesthetic that is a good contrast to today’s sound.

If you couldn’t tell by how he dresses, Fulton’s musical style is heavily influenced by music not of 2000s era. With influences like Little Richard and “The Godfather of Soul” James Brown, Fulton has taken that dated 50s sound and revamped it for our modern ears. His debut single, “Water”, is a testament of his influences and musical possibility. The song, simply produced, is filled with light bass, guitar riffs and soft drum taps. The soulful sound of Fulton is not masked by the background vocals or melody, making his voice captivating. The song takes us on a journey of his infatuation for a crush. “You’re leading me to drink your water,” Fulton sings, reminding us of that feeling when you start falling hard for a person. You can check out the track on Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud.

Fulton’s sound is a refreshing nostalgic, yet updated take on the soul/doo-wop genre. His debut EP Baby Blue is set to be released on March 2nd. It will be interesting to hear what this 50s style crooner going to give us next.

Follow Fulton Lee on socials on  @fultonleemusic for updates on new music, performances and more.



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