Alt-Rock trio Raised on TV drops debut album – Season 1



In their debut album Season 1, Raised On TV digs into their alternative-rock sound that begs us to relive our teen angst in a way that is simultaneously carefree, nostalgic, and at times painful. The album is packed with lively vocal ballads and tasty guitar solos strewn throughout.

The album opens with Absent ( Something’s Not Right Here), a catchy melding of Keaton Rogers’ lyrical guitar melodies and vocals that become the focal point throughout the album. On closer inspection, the lyrics, “Asshole pervert, how did you ever become a teacher?” reveal a darker layer to the song. In canon with these dueling layers of upbeat rock and troubling wordage is the track, Teenage Medication. The song starts out comical with a mom discovering her child’s bong and taking it away. From here it nestles into a dimmer reality that many of us can relate to with the lyrics, “Teenage medication, it’s all we have to fix a situation, but it’s not fixed, it’s just medicated.”

Photo Credit: Raised on TV
Photo Credit: Raised on TV

Track after track, Season 1 delivers with that solid rock vibe brought about by pulsating drum breaks, echoing guitar etudes, and vocals made gritty by an audio effect that begins to feel iconic to Raised On TV’s sound. This is the work of a band that clearly knows what it is and to some extent this might actually work against the group. At times, one track blends so well into the next that I didn’t notice the change. While this could be interpreted as seamless and smooth transitioning, it could also be considered a lacking in audio diversity. You’ll have to be the judge of that.

Raised On TV combats its darker content well with it’s carefree and kick-ass vibes, which are especially strong in the track Big Sur (Up the Coast). As the title suggests, this song evokes feelings of airiness; the liberation that comes with the cool, salt-stained breeze that meets you as you drive the beautiful Highway 1 up the coast to Big Sur, California.

On the whole, Season 1 grooves from one track to the next with a familiar kick-assery that reminds us that blink-182 and Fall Out Boy disciples are alive and well. The lyrical content is often snarky and exhilarating. At times though, the album is flecked with the feeling of loss and searching that occupies so many of our young adulthood’s as we strive to find our place after the haze of teenage angst has settled.

Season 1 is out now on Spotify and Soundcloud along with their EP Jam in the Van (Live Sessions). When not touring the coast, the band fills venues regularly in Los Angeles where they are based. If the holiday festivities have brought those parent-induced pangs of adolescence-past rushing back to you, then let Raised on TV help you detox. They’ll be playing at DBA 256 in Pomona, Ca. on December 28th.

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