Ashley All Day is selling Cookies in her video Girl Scout

It’s summertime, and that means all the girl scouts are out with their troops selling girl scout cookies. Who wouldn’t want a fresh bag of cookies? Ashley All Day is one girl scout that is out with her troop in her new video “Girl Scout”. And from Thin Mint to Peanut Butter Ashley All Day has all the flavors to satisfy your craving.

I go dumb in my backpack,

that’s where my stash at,

Ashley All Day, bitch,

I be where the cash at

The song “Girl Scout” starts out with an innocent nursery rhyme like melody, but as the beat progressives the song gets more urban as sounds likeย trap 808 drums and kicks are slowly added. Giving the track the right balance of street sound and fun energy. Ashley All Day is a rapper from San Jose, California that has been gaining notoriety as an up-and-coming artist, even earning an interview on the popular podcast No Jumper. Still relatively new Ashley All Day has yet to release an album or mixtape. Which in this new steaming world she is proof that you don’t need to have an album to make money, as long as you have the singles. The song Girl Scout showcases Ashley All Day’s lyrical skill as the song is filled with similes and metaphors about cookies. But by now you probably realize that she isn’t talking about your mom’s home-baked cookies. Nope! She’s got the strains. And as seen in her video she has enough cookies to go around.

So checkout Ashley All Day’s latest video called “Girl Scout” and comment your favorite cookie:

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