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Australian Band Tetrahedra Releases Ultra-Trippy Single ‘I Wouldn’t Mind’—We Think It Is Pretty Interesting

Austrailian experimental band Tetrahedra has been endowed with the gift of blending opposing styles of music together in very interesting ways. Their latest single, ‘I Wouldn’t Mind’, is one such manifestation of their endowment; it is an interestingly trippy experience to the ears.

The song morphs back and forth between synth and acoustic sounds. However, balance is not an issue as the transitions are effortlessly executed. I couldn’t tell whether it was the great instrumentation which made this type of genre-mixture possible, or if it was just that the song is so interesting that I didn’t mind swaying between the two polarities.

Either way, when the song was over, I wanted to listen again and again. And I think that is the whole point of making such artistically expressive music: to induce that ethereal feeling you get when you know you have made a good decision.

At least that’s how I feel after listening to this ear-journey.

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