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    Why Owning Your Masters Are Important

    A master recording is the first recording of a song from which subsequent copies are made from or derived from. Typically just called “masters”, these recordings can be made up as traditional discs, as data for streaming, or as tapes. Traditionally, the music industry structures a deal where the label owns the masters of all […] More

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    People have wanted celebrities’ phone numbers forever, and many famous personalities have had to change their digits due to fan harassment and mass texting. However, in the past few months, it’s becoming a trend — celebrities will drop a post on social media with their phone number, saying ‘text me.’ Ashton Kutcher, DJ Mustard, and […] More

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    Industry Plant or Just Plain Ol’ Artist Development

    The internet loves creating new terminology and or slang.  An “industry plant” is our latest reference to artists that seem to come out of nowhere, and suddenly find immense success from just one song or a relatively thin discography. For the casual super-fan, the “come up” of an artist is a very important part of […] More

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    Dope Spots You Should Check Out In Los Angeles

    Los Angeles is known for its unique eateries, museums, and hang out spots. Here are some of the latest dope places you should check out, regardless if you are a resident or visiting the city. 1. Museum of Weed The 30,000 square foot space showcases the history of Mary Jane. It’s a spot to go […] More

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    Plyte is empowering a generation of artists who know building their business is just as important to their career as creating music. Plyte is a closed-community of burgeoning artists, songwriters, producers, and music industry professionals that are supported by Plyte’s consultancy team. Their mission is to combine artist development curriculum with coaching sessions, software, and […] More

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    Shape Shifting Balloon Dresses, Newest Fashion Trend?

    There seems to to be a new trend taking hold at your local runway – and that’s blow-up balloon dresses. Norwegian designer Fredrik Tjaerandsen appeared at the Central Saint Martins’ annual fashion show, where the designer showed off a series of blow-up dresses. A student at Central Saint Martins, Tjaerandsen worked with several luxury brands […] More

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    The Youngest, And The First Black Woman: Rihanna Breaks Records with Luxury Line Debut

    After several months of speculation, Rihanna has finally dropped her luxury fashion brand, Fenty. By partnering with luxury conglomerate LVMH Moët Hennessy–Louis Vuitton SE, Fenty presents a classic, gender-fluid statement with her pieces. Rihanna became the first black woman – as well as the youngest – to run a major luxury fashion house, and the […] More

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