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    Dialtone and Jay Worthy keep it player in their video “Individuals”

    Walk to the beat of your own drum. This is what it means to be an individual. Individuals diverge from the norm and create a lane that is all their own. Being an individual means to be disruptive. It means stepping out of the long line of followers who do not question the status quo. […] More

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    1st Verse shows you how to “Boss Up” with his new single

    Since his start in the rap game Jay-Z has always been known as a boss. When no label wanted to give him a deal he boss’d up and made Roc-a-fella. When everyone was just drinking liquor, he was worried about having his ownership in it. There are many more examples of this that have made […] More

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    The Photo That Helped Tell The Story of Nipsey Hussle The Human

    I been through every emotion with this shit. – Nipsey Hussle This iconic photo of the late Nipsey Hussle has circulated throughout the internet, but few know the true origins of this photo. That was until The Hundreds creator Bobby Hundreds posted to his Instagram that the origins of this photo was from an interview […] More

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    Tee Grizzley sheds a tear for his aunt on “Satish”

    You changed! For so many people that have ‘“made it” these are words that they dread the most. Many will go out of their way to prove that they haven’t. That somehow the millions of dollars, the fancy houses, exotic cars, and the ability to provide a better life hasn’t changed them at all. But […] More

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    Kanye West is Coming Home Again and Bringing Sunday Service with Him

    Few artists have been have been in the position that Kanye West has been. When no artist wanted to make a whole song about God on a track, Kanye West shouted it in his video “Jesus Walks”. But anyone that is a fan of his catalog knows that Kanye has always included Faith and church […] More

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    UnoTheActivist Gets Away With Another Hit On His New Single “Killer”

    SoundCloud. Whether you love it or you hate it, it’s a necessary part of the game. It’s real power it that it has opened up the gates and lowered the barriers to enter the music industry forever changed the way that we consume music. From pop, to country, to hip-hop, everyone has a SoundCloud. And […] More

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    Puma will release Nipsey Hussle Special Collab

    Anyone that followed Nipsey Hussle knew that his collaboration with Puma was in the works before his tragic death. The collaboration was special to Nipsey, as he would often fly out to meetings to personally oversee the project and the direction. Moments like seeing his grandmother on a Puma jet were special to him and […] More

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    Sad Boys Gear and Converse show us that some wishes are Toxic.

    What’s better than 1? 2. This is the approach that Yung Lean of Sad Boys Gear and Converse have taken. Both being iconic fashion forward brands have collaborated on multiple releases of street wear and sneakers. Last year the two collabed on the converse All-Star One Star that had a toxic look of slime green, […] More

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    Hakeem Eli’juwon toasts to life with latest single “Keem Home”.

    Niggas hollerin “WELCOME HOME” like I been down for 20 years! These are the words of Hakeem Eli’juwon. Now wiser, more grounded. He now has been taking advantage of every moment. Knowing now that every second counts. Every word counts. And most of all, every song counts. With all of this being said, Hakeem Eli’juwon […] More

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