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    The Top Ten Vacation Los Angeles Homes

    With the added resilience that is Airbnb, many have sought out the best times and the right situations to inhabit vacation homes. It seems that the lure of a glitzy place such as Los Angeles is giving people a whole new experience and a closer glimpse at experiencing the rich life. If you see how […] More

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    Netflix’s 2020 Flex

    The growing subscription channel Netflix is changing and growing internationally. With more than 7.0 million subscribers, it is progressing. Netflix even beat the forecast of 5.0 million subscribers. Back in 2019, when the two movies that put Netflix over the top with subscribers like the thriller Bird Box starring Sandra Bullock and the movie Roma […] More

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    Beyonce’s Ivy Park Collection Has Finally Arrived

    Now that Beyonce’s clothing line has dropped, it has caused a frenzy and many PR stunts and giant pre-sales. It is the most awaited sale that has even sold out online, though last checked the Beehive has the collection. The collection consists of limited supply clothing and accessories such as socks, belts and activewear and […] More