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benny mayne Making Noise at Paradigm

benny mayne drops “Lucky” after hitting #1 with “Bounce”

Photo Cred: benny mayne
Photo Cred: benny mayne

benny mayne is Here

Two tracks to his name, and benny mayne is dominating the RnB scene. Just a month ago, an undiscovered Toronto-based rapper climbed to the top of Soundcloud’s RnB charts in Canada and The Netherlands with his infectious trance-hop track, “Bounce.” The rest of the world was quick to catch up, with benny taking #2 on the charts in the US, Australia and France.

It’s only been a minute but benny is back with his next big thing: “Lucky.” This cut hits even harder with benny mayne spittin’ rhymes in that no-holes-barred style we came to expect from “Bounce.” Here he sings of long, blurred nights and conquests with a laid-back bravado that makes it hard to not dance along to. The buzzing bass line and crisp synths make “Lucky” flex with sex appeal. Mellow synths make it perfect for a wake-and-bake while benny’s velvet flow has you wishing the sun’d set already.

This is the track you’ll be pumping on your way to the club and still thinking about once you’re there.

benny mayne’s blend of pop, RnB and hip-hop made him an easy pick for Paradigm Agency. That’s the same crew that brought Lil Uzi Vert, Skrillex, Ed Sheeran, and Gucci Mane into the spotlight. benny is set to roll out a series of tracks throughout 2018, and has cut a deal to distribute them through Empire.

Where to Next

The lid is still tight on what exactly benny mayne has planned for this year. What we do know is he’ll be collaborating with Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum producers. Names like Williedonut, Sadmoney, Rock Mafia, and Justice League. You won’t have to work hard to keep track of this next big star, you’ll be hearing him around. To be the first to catch releases by benny mayne follow him @bennymayne ‏and stream “Lucky” and the rest on fanlink.

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