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Listen to This: Berma – Sour// A Trilogy

Photo Cred: Berma
Photo Cred: Berma

Ambient Beat-Maker Berma Rolls Out Chill and Spooky Beats

Not much is known about this Ohioan beat-maker but after a recent move to the greater Los Angeles area, Berma has built up some buzz mixing his chilled-back ambient soundscapes. The SoundCloud mixer has built up an impressive arsenal of tracks that toggle between the ethereal and uncanny. Berma will fit right in with your study beats as you crunch for finals. Or he’ll fit that Chill-Wave playlist you’ve been building to bliss out to this Summer. If you’re wondering where to start, I’d recommend his newest development: Sour// A Trilogy.

This EP begins with the track “Mimic,” which opens with plodding percussion in the distance before settling into an eerie groove. A ghostly piano seems almost to be playing itself as synths swirl out from the vocals like sparks. This is followed by the track “Force and Trauma.” A rumbling bass sits low beneath crunchy, dissonant synth chords. Despite the tension this creates, the track is surprisingly mellow. Sour// A Trilogy comes to a head in the finale, “Slump and Surface.” Two voices that have been stretched to the extremes of the human voice croon in tandem with one another while hiccuping rhythms fall in and out of sync. The whole listening experience is deliciously disorienting.

Trilogies often imply grandiosity, but Berma flips that idea on its head. Sour// A Trilogy is a smoldering fever dream packed with all the tension and release of your favorite action-trilogy-franchise while leaving out the gimmicky boss-battles and corny fairy-tale ending. You come out of this trilogy dazed, and a little bit on edge. Put Berma on your radar, this is someone worth listening to so follow him at Berma_Sounds and on SoundCloud to see what he comes up with next.

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