BIA’s New Single “Hollywood” Depicts The Daily Struggles Of Living In The City Of Stars

Bia shares her vision on the fakeness of Hollywood.

Signed to Pharrell‘s, I Am OTHER label, Boston bred BIA drops her latest project, Nice Girls Finish Last: Cuidado EP, the first part of a teased trilogy. The entire project has six songs with features from Kali Uchis and Kodak Black. Her single, “Hollywood”, produced by Murda Beatz and CuBeatz, simply highlights her perspective of living in bougie Los Angeles over a bright instrumental. The rapper curates a rhythmic and melodic chorus rendering the song catchy and further emphasizing the laid back and sometimes unnecessary upscale environment of Los Angeles. The Perico Princess imitates the Hollywood lifestyle referring to the fakeness that fuels the rich, upscale parts of Los Angeles and the difficulty in maintaining genuine relationships that aren’t based on money or transactional connections. In an interview with NYLON, she states that in her own experience, moving to Los Angeles was “not real life” and that “everyone lives in their own bubble”.

Even in the song she says “I got rich white friends so you know I got connects, and I came with three girls that all fuck with percocets”, illustrating how “friends” in Hollywood are only friends when they can do something for you.

Check out the official video here:

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