Buddy’s New Release “Type of Shit” feat. Wiz Khalifa

A catchy cruiser record for the Cali sunshine crowd is where it’s at with Buddy’s new cut “Type of Shit” featuring Wiz Khalifa.

Reppin’ for the city like a true Angel, Buddy’s wavy “Type of Shit” radiates L.A.’s high life. It gives off coastal beach vibes, with an allure that invites all fly Ladies & Gents to partake in the Herb of good fun under the Sun.

This’ that Type of Shit that’s about living life to the fullest and living a lot, taking the good with the bad in a city where anything goes and turning it into the moment of a lifetime.

To sum it up, we’ve decided to serve it like the instructions on your edible package labeling;

The standardized serving size for this product is however many milligrams you can handle! Be it 100 watts to 1, this product is guaranteed to make your listening experience wavy 😉


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