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    Sample Sunday: Sprung on Jerry Sprunger

    Tory Lanez latest release, “Jerry Sprunger,” was finally released, after months of teasing on social media. This single acts as a preview of the artist’s upcoming album, Chixtap 5. The new song flips T-Pain’s famous track, “I’m Sprung,” but adds some modern and unique elements. This new song is produced by PAPI YERR, and Tory Lanez blends […] More

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    Sample Sunday: How Kanye has taken popular pop records and flipped them to soulful gospel records.

    Anyone who has followed Kanye West knows that God has always been apart of his music. From the controversial “Jesus Walks” that appeared on his debut album College Dropout, to him calling himself a god on the controversial album Yeezus. Kanye has never been one to shy away from controversy or religion. This boldness has […] More