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Crooner Daniel Caesar Is Reimagining The Roadmap To Indie Success

Grammy-nominated, indie singer/songwriter Daniel Caesar, spent 2017 taking the world by storm with his latest effort, Freudian. The 22-year-old, Canadian artist finished the North American leg of his Freudian tour, and will embark on a European tour over the next several months. If you have yet to experience Caesar’s music—a sultry, melodic, R&B vibe (imagine a hybrid of Frank Ocean and Drake)—then you are in for a treat. His music has created so much buzz lately; in fact, several record labels have attempted to sign deals him. However, he has decided to remain completely independent. This really comes as no surprise, as even seasoned artists are seeking to break their ties with the major labels. Additionally, since touring and commercial licensing have become heavy generators of revenue for musicians, with just the right alchemy of artistry and business strategy, while leveraging the power of social media, independent artists can, theoretically, exercise more control over their careers. And this is exactly the theory which Daniel Caesar has been proving lately. The artist keeps his creative team small: himself and two producers (Jordan Evans and Matthew Burnett), who also double as his co-management team. The creative trio realized from the outset, even though they would be forgoing major label representation, that they would still need to outsource many of the vital tasks associated with successfully promoting and distributing the artist’s music on a global level. So they decided to utilize an exclusive combination of TuneCore and Twitter; the results thus far have proven they were correct. TuneCore, an independent artist community, offers a vital mixture of services including digital platform integration, marketing, licensing, publishing, and savvy data analytics; allowing the indie artist to identify, target, and interact with fans more efficiently. This sort of “partnership” model has proven to be effective at connecting indie artists with their fans, while simultaneously creating more gainful financial outcomes. Amidst the myriad fluctuations in the overall climate of the music business today, transparency and accessibility are the apparent commonalities amongst the most successful artists. And with the successful execution of Freudian, Daniel Caesar is making the indie route look utterly appealing.

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