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D.J. Snoopadelic Hosts “Cuzz I Love You” for Lover’s Day

YES, Snoop Dogg is a D.J. (Don’t worry. I Didn’t Know Either :~)!

That’s Right! DJ Snoopadelic hosts Cuzz I Love You this past Wednesday with DASH Radio and Cadillac Music, inviting us to share his world of favorite bands and musicians Live and Direct.

This Lover’s Day Funk Fest featured the LowRider Band, Enchantment, O’Bryan and -yes- you know at LEAST one song from each of these bands because these are the songs that Grandparents made babies to and played at the park for Family BBQ’s. These bands also happen to be the classics that are sampled in some of the best HipHop records of all time! Test your Music Trivia and see if you remember any of these:

Get U Down – Warren G, Snoop, Ice Cube, B Real


“Don’t Let No One Get You Down” by the Low Rider Band (Live)

To this day, the band still has their chops and keeps in unison. The Harmonica player is astounding! Of course, the band compliments his greatness even mores for being so awesome themselves!

“Super High” by Rick Ross and Ne-Yo


“Silly Love Song” by Enchantment

Still in sync with their Choreography as if it were second nature, Enchantment put on a lively set and sounds just like they did at their peak – not that I was there back then, but they didn’t sound rusty at all, which is rare for bands who’ve been around this long.

“One Love”: A Nas Remix by Cookin’ Soul 


“Doin Alright” by O’Bryan

Multi-Talented bands like these were our Grandparent’s Bruno Mars’, whose impacts have left imprints on the best performers of our decade.

“24K Magic” by Bruno Mars (Live)

Hip Hop & R’n’B have always been about keeping the Culture through artistic expression and renovating the works our Ancestors pass down for us to tend to. Although today’s Youth may listen to the new records and think ‘that music from back-in-the-day is outdated and old’, they would be surprised to find out that their favorite songs from Pharrell, Snoop, and especially Kanye West have some sort of soul tie to the Enchantments and O’Bryans of their Grandparent’s HeyDay.

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