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The rapper behind 2015’s dance-smash “Milly Rock,” joins New York City’s DJ Fourd Nkay for a track which will get you ready for the dancefloor once again.

In retrospect, 2015 was a pretty good time to be alive. Obama was reigning president, same-sex marriage became legalized across the United States of America, and 2Milly had the internet, and anybody with any sense of movement, trying their best to imitate the ‘Milly Rock’, a dance craze which swept the nation. Even hip-hop’s most infamous child, Blue Ivy, showed off her Milly Rock moves. The Youtube video which currently clocks in today at almost seventeen million views predates the Soundcloud rapper era with a do-it-yourself, low-production quality video.

Following up a successful single is no easy task, that’s why the term ‘one-hit wonder,’ exists. It proves to be even more difficult when the aforementioned single defined the New York City rap scene to the point where the reigning king of New York rap, Playboi Carti, referenced it on his monster track “Magnolia.” But “Money Walk,” the newest track from  2Milly finds him teaming up with DJ Fourd Nkay for a track that’s ready to outdance the Milly Rock.

“Money Walk,” starts off with an urgent keyboard sample produced by DJ Fourd Nkay which creates a hostile, and manic environment which suits 2Milly’s unparalleled energy, His charisma shines here as he references everything from Yeezy’s to Superman and Future. It’s simple, catchy, and yes, there’s even a dance to go along with the song.

Signed by Straight Heat Ent, DJ Fourd Nkay is a music producer and trendsetter whose known for setting New York City clubs on fire with his hot beats and wild production. Check out the hot track below, and keep an eye out on your friends busting out the “Money Walk,” all summer.

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