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Experience The Laid-Back Flow Of Cali Native “Say A.” In His Latest Effort “Money Up”

Money Up“,  California rapper Say A.‘s latest lyrical masterpiece (released via SoundCloud) displays the perfect amount of sampled nostalgia, amidst equal amounts of BANG! And these are just a few terms with which to describe the latest effort of the quickly growing Inglewood rapper; this is the sound that he delivers consistently, rightfully owns, and has perfected.  The title of the track is a good description of what listeners can expect from a lyrical vantage. The lyricist vividly tells a story which speaks to the need for inner and outer growth—in more ways than monetary. And to paint the picture for his fans, he is, of course, utilizing his perfectly effortless flow. I could not stop myself from giving it three full spins! While the track begins with a prelude which is reminiscent of a 70’s ballad, the crisp beat—heavily accompanied by a trapped-out 808—is revealed within a few seconds, and does not disappoint. in for the first minute, one can quickly gather just why Say A. has enjoyed a steady and consistent growth recently. His collection of Soundcloud releases, throughout the last two years, proves this artist is growing rather emphatically. This lyricist is definitely on our radar for 2018; we are excited to see what he will drop next. Additionally, quite honestly, we are equally stoked to simply watch both his journey and growth in 2018, as he is a  perfect embodiment of how indie rappers are navigating and evolving within the turbulent (and quite ambiguous) world of indie Hip-Hop. The world of music is changing a swiftly as technology. However, in the meantime, we will take a few minutes to enjoy the laid-back flow and flawless lyricism of Say A., which he clearly displays in Money Up.

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