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Female Rappers You Don’t Want To Sleep On

Female rappers are being overlooked in a major way. While Nicki Minaj and Cardi B are keeping the dream alive, there are so many other dope women out here doing their thing but aren’t getting half the shine. Checkout a few female rappers that you need to stop sleeping on and add to your Spotify or Apple Music playlist ASAP.

Artist: Cupcakke

Hometown: Chicago

Vibe: Cupcakke is unapologetically herself. She is somewhat like a female version of 50 cent. Cupcakke is able to go back and forth between sex positivity and having songs with lyrical depth.

What to bump now: Check out the song “Scraps” from her second studio album Queen Elizabitch where we are introduced to our girl’s struggle through the trenches.

Artist: Leikeli47

Hometown: NYC

Vibe: Funky, upbeat and mysterious, Leikeli47 has clearly been influenced by EDM and our all-time fav Missy Elliott. She is pushing the notion of unconventionalism by her beat choices and masked demeanor. She is reminding us that looks aren’t important – talent is.

What to bump now: Her single “Money” off her EP Wash & Set will definitely have you feeling like you should be in another dimension.



Artist: Molly Brazy

Hometown: Detroit

Vibe: If you’re looking for a trapstar female rapper, Molly is it. Her lyrics are unfiltered and her flow is hard. She is what we have been missing from female rappers in the game.

What to bump now: Listen to her song “Play For Keeps” off her recent mixtape Big Brazy and you’ll understand why she is a trapstar.


Artist: Angel Haze

Hometown: NY via Detroit

Vibe: Of all the ladies on the list, Angel has been in the game the longest. Although she is originally from Detroit, Angel gives us elements of that raw NY lyricalness. Her range and depth is unmatched. She is a prime example of Black Girl Magic by her realness and willingness to embrace her true self.

What to bump now: Check out her latest song “No Limits” and further wonder why Angel is being slept on.



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