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Freddie Gibbs drops his latest album Freddie.

This has been a crazy month for music, hip-hop in particular. We had most of the G.O.O.D. Music roster release their albums that were complete with unique Wyoming listening parties. Basically Kanye wanted his own month. But in this world of music streaming nobodies reign lasts. Ask Nas, as his 5 minutes of fame with the release of his album “Nasir” short-lived because of Jay-Z and Beyoncé dropping their joint project called “EVERYTHING IS LOVE”. But June is not over yet. And Freddie Gibbs is out to show why the title for best album is still up for grabs with the release of his latest album “Freddie”. Watch the hilarious commercial for the album below:

Freddie Gibbs’s last album “You Only Live 2wice” was released in March of 2017 and peaked at 124 on the charts. But with his new album “Freddie” he is hopes to surpass his last albums sales and even some critics expectations along the way. The 10 track album is relatively short considering the average track time is a little bit under 3 minutes. Some other notable things is that the whole album only has 3 credited guest features (03 Greedo, Cassie Jo Craig, and his daughter Ire Jane Gibbs). With the standout feature being 03 Greedo who is featured on the track “Death Row”. What’s makes the his verse so memorable is the Eazy-E “Boyz-N-The-Hood” like cadence that he uses.

Cruisin’ through the city in my oh-eighteen (skrrt)
Sendin’ the bitches, servin’ the fiends (ooh)
Ridin’ through the street, just caught a lick (yeah)
Take that flip and I caught my first brick (ayy)

The album “Freddie” is now available on all streaming sites. Take a listen and let us know if you think it will take the crown for top album.


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