Getting a return on your investment

With people crying “the death of the music business” and the staggering sheer amount of competitors out there, you might think that becoming a professional musician – meaning a person who actually manages to earn a living by making music – might be impossible.

However, like in most other industries, working hard and investing on yourself are going to eventually pay back if you are talented and you have something to offer to your audience.

The main problem with so many artists out there is that they do not fully understand the environment in which they are moving: they are still waiting to “be discovered”, hoping that some big shot A&R from a major label would magically walk in on one of their small bar gigs and offer them a tasty deal.

Even worse, artists aren’t willing to invest in their music and in their images, hoping that a half-assed demo song and a selfie would take them a long way.

So what is the right way of doing things? Think of your musical project as your own small company. Any entrepreneur needs a strategy, a product and proper branding, and in this particular

case, the product is you (and your music), the branding is your image and your strategy…well, it remains your strategy!

The latter is a particularly important aspect of any music career: a great strategy comes from great knowledge: if you want to be ahead of the curve, try to learn as much as you can about the music business: what is publishing? What is licensing? How can you work in those areas?

The first step in getting a return on your investment as an artist is to educate yourself to empower yourself!

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