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Groundbreaking Advertising Campaign At Balenciaga Adds A New Element To Men’s Fashion


Legendary French fashion house Balenciaga has rolled out a daring new advertising campaign. The chosen imagery and theme of the campaign are definitely the first of their kind; however, sadly, it will also be the last time menswear at Balenciaga will be displayed in this particular manner.

This campaign is alpha and omega of its kind because, Balenciaga plans, in Fall of 2018, to begin showing their men’s and women’s collections together as one cohesive effort. Thus, all-male and all-female ad campaigns will be extinct at Balenciaga.

That is why the latest Balenciaga menswear campaign—which features male models positioned against a backdrop which is made to look like a mall portrait booth (circa 1990’s)—is so special. For the final campaign, creative director, Deanna Gvasalia has additionally chosen to heavily incorporate children in the images; this move is undoubtedly an effort to raise awareness of the official debut of the kid’s clothing line at Balenciaga.

Staying true to family—friendliness, Balenciaga’s brilliant idea to incorporate the vintage mall photo booth setup is an amazing way to introduce a massive amount of different looks without any of the images appearing forced. Instead; the eye is naturally drawn directly to the clothing. In this way, Balenciaga created a poignant reminder that their men’s and children’s lines are very interesting in themselves—before they blend all of the lines together as one cohesive unit later this year.

Balenciaga is also breaking new ground with this particular campaign as the images of African American models do not portray the slightest semblance of hyper-perfection which is quite prevalent in some high fashion menswear campaigns. On the contrary, the models appear to be normal individuals. Add to this the fact that the enormous parkas paired with very 90’s-style, plain cut trousers seems to make the uncool seem super-cool, and you have one very interesting, thought-provoking, and genius advertising campaign.

Photo Cred: Nas

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