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The Oakland based rapper teams up with producer False Ego for newest single


GTM Chima reigns from Oakland, California with a lyrical style which evokes former California rhyme kings such as Kendrick Lamar and Tupac. His newest jam, “Slow Up,” recalls vintage hip-hop with a stoned beat and masterful wordplay.

Backed by a mellowed out, vaporwave inspired, False Ego produced beat, “Slow Up,” features the young rapper spitting lyrically heavy verses which imagine him being “high as propellers,” while staying up “late like graveyard shifts,” trying to pursue music so he can “make it on Fader,” and get money so he can “support his momma.” It’s a mission statement of sorts, a battle cry for Chima as he maps out his worries, dreams, and goals while a woman cries out “nothing’s going to stop me,” repeatedly in the background. It’s the sound of an artist, unknown but hungry for success staring down his future, unflinching and unintimidated.

Chima reps GTM, an Oakland based rap collective trying to break the mainstream. “Slow Up,” joins “Peak,” as singles released from his hotly anticipated E.P titled 1995 Novice, dropping later this summer. Check out “Slow Up,” below and follow @gtmchima on Instagram and Twitter for more news concerning this artist on the brink of success.

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