Hannahs got Raps and Chill Vibes in Blossom

If you don’t know Hannah than you’re depriving yourself of some much needed ear-therapy. In her newest EP, Blossom, this LA based rapper meshes word-heavy lyricism with that Chill-wave vibe that’s commandeering the Hip-Hop scene right now. Born in Chicago and writing poetry since she was 11, Hannah’s cuts carry the weight of a seasoned wordsmith and her mesmerizing poetry and hypnotic sense of rhythm mix well with the mellow beats and jazzy interludes that make up this EP.

Photo Cred: Hannah
Photo Cred: Hannah

Blossom opens with the slick lo-fi track One Day which reminds us we’re all a little bit lonely with the lyrics, “I stand alone across this globe, lost and so far from home, to find myself and find my soul.” This message sets the tone well as much of Blossom deals with the artist realizing her solitude in the world and finding strength in it.

Better, begins with a jazzy piano intro that evokes images of a late-night cigar parlor, smoky and near uninhabited. This pictures is quickly dashed by the dissonant but infectious hook that chants, “Better, better.” In this track we get a glimpse into a childhood plagued by addictive demons and dismal living. .

Cause even when you feel you’re doin’ better, underneath the veil is a heart of defeat.

Sampling from that same cigar parlor, Let Up & Levitate opens with a sultry sax solo which braids in and out with Hannah’s voice. True to the EP’s theme of independencethis song deals with the freedom we gain by cutting ties with our baggage, and the searing pain felt when we have loved that baggage.

Photo Cred: Hannah
Photo Cred: Hannah

The remainder of the EP swivels out in all directions. The track Ms. Ghetto Monroe follows an eccentric hero and forces you to flip to repeat if you want any of its swift wordage to sink in. I Am Blessed is a compilation of voicemail messages from Hannah’s fans and loved ones and falls in style with Kendrick Lamar’s good kid, m.A.A.d city. In an EP wrought with lonely vibes and personal struggle, it’s a touching reminder that no one can do it alone. Will You, the final track, deals with Hannah’s loss of her father and  memories of him in life, both good and bad. This song has a really lyrical chorus and solid rhythm that left me feeling both sad for what’s been lost while paradoxically hopeful for the future.

Blossom, on the surface, is a mellow set of Rap and Hip-Hop charts to chill out to. Listen a little closer, and it’s a story of Hannah’s life, her experiences, and finding her personal strength in an unjust world. Take a listen to Blossom on SoundCloud or Bandcamp.

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