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[Interview] Mystikal discusses almost signing with Bruno Mars and new music…

The distinct sound of Michael Lawrence Tyler, known to fans worldwide of Mystical has been a staple in hip hop since the early 90’s. Mystical has been called the James Brown of hip hop. His 2015 collaboration with Mark Ronson, “Feel Right” revitalized his career and highlighted his unique style rooted in his New Orleans roots.

Mystical has seen it all when it comes to the music industry, and has been aligned with many heavy hitters in the game. His Grammy-nominated Tarantula album featured the mega-hit “Bouncing”, closely followed by his post No Limit Records hits “Danger” and “Shake Ya Ass”.

Mystikal had some personal setbacks, and put his career on hiatus, but is still staying strong rebuilding his career.

We sat down with Mystikal to get some insight on new projects, past relationships and how different influences shaped the artist he is.

In speaking on the current status of hip-hop Mystikal stated “I don’t think it’s no different from what we were doing”. Mystikal adds “As long as they are making money, and taking care of their families, it’s a job at the end of the day”. Mystikal did touch on the craft as a whole “There is some artistry to it, we need more artists, and less painters”.

What’s on Mystikal’s current playlist? “I like Future, it’s also hard not to listen to Drake, You can’t go nowhere without hearing him. Drake’s everywhere”.

In speaking on his hit collaboration with Mark Ronson on Feel Right with Bruno Mars, Mystikal explained “That’s some A-List stuff right there”. When asked if he plans to work with Mark again in the future, Mystikal stated “Hopefully, I almost signed to Bruno’s label”.

Mystikal continues to hone is craft and make his mark within the hip hop spectrum via touring and we hope to hear new music and collaborations soon.

Poetic Photorealistic Oil Paintings by Betty Miranda

Dazzling Animated Illustrations by Minji Moon