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Is There A 3 Year Career Life Span In Rap Game?

Ice Cube says “Drake’s run is over!”

(Image: Wikimedia Commons)

During a recent interview with Sana G Morning Show hip hop legend Ice Cube sat down to discuss the recent rap beef between Drake and Pusha T. Many people remember the beef that Ice Cube had with his former rap group N.W.A. where he dropped the diss track “No Vaseline”, which declared him the clear winner of the beef. Only to later to put their differences aside and collaborate on a number of songs and projects. Now Ice Cube has some thoughts of his own about this whole Drake and Pusha T. rap beef.

He (Drake) had a good run,” Cube told Sana G Morning Show. You’ve only got a three year run in the rap game. You’ve only got three years at the tip top of the rap game before you have to find your place in this thing.

He even continued to mention Drake’s mentor Lil Wayne. Wayne when he was hot, 3 years on top, then looking for somebody else.

Is Drake’s reign over? Leave us a comment below!


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