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J.I.D. drops new track “151 Rum.”

New album “DiCaprio 2” coming fall of 2018.

I am a man of simple taste. The trend in hip-hop has shifted towards masterful production. A vibe. A sound. A feel. I understand the appeal. For me, however, I love hip-hop with a beat I can nod to, and rhymes that flow seamlessly. J.I.D.’s new track “151 Rum” marries the two worlds together to offer a enticing preview of his upcoming record.

“DiCaprio 2” will be J.I.D.’s second studio album under J. Cole’s Dreamville label. “151 Rum” showcases a fast-paced, rhyme-a-second style laced over a beat that is just present enough without being intrusive. The result leaves the listener reaching for repeat to try and hear everything on the next go around. After the introductory hook, J.I.D. launches into a verse that leaves you playing catch up:

“Son of a god, son of a bi—
Son of a woman and man, son of a son, and then sunk in abyss
Summon a plant, please come with a strip
Cover my back, cover mad, please come with the bliss
Look at the stash, J.I.D like a magician
Fu– that, this some real ass sh–, I paid blood for this…”

It’s a fantastic listen. From there J.I.D. delves further into his upbringing and youth. He crackles with energy, with hunger. The rhymes flow freely with his delivery. You instinctively nod along. As someone who is admittedly slow on the uptake for newer hip-hop artists, this track is a good bridge between old and new school hip-hop. It is simple in its way, but dense enough to make you want to listen again. J.I.D. has something to say. Personally, I want to listen. I look forward to listening to the new album as soon as it comes out.

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