Jean Placide hosts first listening party for new EP, ‘Love Jones’.

JP gives a taste of his take on love in with his new EP.



Jean Placide, also known as JP, is a local musician from Pasadena, California. He is 23-year-old but has been creating music since he was 12-years-old. Placide hosted his first event to showcase his music January 18 at Rose Studios.

At the showcase, he debuted his music he’d been working on for months for his new project, ‘Luv Jones’. Throughout the project, he shares stories of him and his previous relationship with his ex-girlfriend. The EP is made up of six songs, however, he recorded up to 50 before his laptop crashed. He told the audience prior to getting prepared for the EP release party, his hard drive crashed and he got into a bad accident in the rain recently. Most of the crowd’s jaws dropped and couldn’t believe what they just heard. Placide took a positive look at the latest events that happened to him. “Sometimes when you are doing something positive, something negative will try to throw you off,” he said.

Placide said his favorite song on the EP is ‘2 Late’ because it’s one of the first songs he made after his hard drive crashed. The song is about reaching a very rocky point in his relationship. He described the situation as one person in the relationship already left the relationship, while the other person is begging for the relationship to work. Sounds familiar? If so, you will want to sing your heart out to the world because you know the feeling. However, if you haven’t experienced it, you can still enjoy the music and other songs on the EP.

“My music is timeless because it’s something like Luther Vandross whose music would last forever,” he said. Placide said after listening to his project, he wants people to know romantic relationships can be difficult, however, it is important to remember the connection is what matters. Luv Jones, is set to drop the second week of February and in the meantime, you can hear more of his music on Soundcloud.

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