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Josephina, An Emerging La Artist Talks Debut Single ‘Woosah’ and More

The Los Angeles based alt-pop singer/songwriter, Josephina, released the music video for her debut single “Woosah” last week. Josephina, an emerging artist, arrives on the scene with a bass-heavy and blissed-out track dripping with fresh fierceness.

Josephina co-wrote “Woosah” with Morten “Pilo” Pilegaard and Trey Campbell. Pilo produced multiple songs on Lukas Graham’s breakout album, including the smash “7 Years.”

At just 16, she used social media to spread her talents. Soon after she’d begun posting her covers of tracks by artists like Frank Ocean and Foster the People, Josephina gained a major following, and eventually earned the attention of management and production companies across the country.

Her six-track debut EP, out early 2018, features Josephina’s original songwriting and weaves in elements of electronic music, hip-hop, and R&B with her alt-pop sound.  Keep reading to see our Q&A with Josephina and be sure to listen to watch her new video for “Woosah” and keep an eye out for the EP coming out soon.

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What does it feel like to have your debut single out and what was the journey like to get here and finally release your first song? 

“It feels unreal that I get to finally share a taste of my music with the world. The journey to this point was very long to say the least, but I learned so much of about who I am as an artist. Everything was so organic and I had many surprises, not only about learning more about myself and my craft but seeing so many people come together believing in an independent project.”

Where would you like to be in a year from now versus 5 years? 

“A year from now I would like my first EP to be out. I would like to interact with my fans through performances and also more personal circumstances. In five years I would like to release an album.. maybe two, and be on a world tour. These are big goals I know but to be frank I want people to enjoy my art and use it as an escape for their emotions.”

Do any specific artists inspire or influence your music or your writing?

“Many artists influence my writing and music. Sometimes I am inspired by a track and other times inspired by the concept or specific lyrics. For example, I love Daughter for their lyrics and the emotions they bring out in their songs. I also love Massive Attack for their production. SZA is killing it not only with lyrics and concepts but her melodies are insane and bring a lot of emotional inspiration for me. I love many artists that are current and also artists that have a deep history in music.”

What was your experience writing “Woosah” do you remember where you were? 

“The day I wrote “Woosah” I walked into the studio feeling good and feeling like writing an upbeat song with good vibes. My co-writer Trey Campbell and I sat down with Morten Pilegaard (Pilo) to build a track. PIlo started vibing out and Trey mentioned the word woosah. He started explaining what it meant and then I looked it up and realized I had heard the word many times before! Specifically from the Bad Boys II movie. I was loving the idea of woosah and so we started writing about confidence and having a good time with your friends. Long story short “Woosah” is about having fun and we definitely expressed that throughout the song.”

 If you could collaborate with 3 of your favorite artists who would you pick?  

“This question is so hard.. first of all dead or alive? If we are talking the living Sia, Kendrick Lamar, and Labrynth”

 You came from Virginia to Los Angeles to get into the music scene. Two totally different places. What was it like finding your way in Los Angeles?

“It was a huge difference coming from the East Coast to the West Coast…from the suburbs to the city. As a young girl it’s definitely easy to get caught up in the partying and chaos. I went to a couple parties but when I came to my senses I didn’t want to drown in that life and lose my dream, so I reset my focus. Once I did that, amazing things fell into place. I learned that I had to keep dreaming every day and take productive steps towards that in order to see my dream come to life.”

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