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Jules Kim Unveils Newest Line Erykah Badu Inspired Jewelry

The world’s coolest duo collaborate on a new line of floss.

Groundbreaking jewelry designer, Jules Kim, unveiled /an updated version of her Erykah Badu inspired floss, this one called Badrool.

The New York City based designer revamped the jewelry world when she introduced Bijules back in 2003. The line featured a collection of knuckle and nose rings and transformed Kim into a major player in the fashion and jewelry world. Many celebrities caught wind of her work and commissioned her for custom made jewelery.

The floss she created for Erykah Badu, an American singer-songwriter known for groundbreaking, influential R&B albums such as Baduizm, trades in nylon for gold. In fact, its made from 14 carat gold with emerald and pearl talismans. On an Instagram post, Kim claimed that the collaboration came from Senegalese wrestlers and their pre-match ritual.

Erykah Badu joins an exclusive list of artists and trendsetters who wear custom-designed Jules Kim jewelry. Among others, the list includes Rihanna, Beyonce, Madonna, and David Bowie. Check out Badrool below, and follow @Juleskim for more innovative artwork.


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