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Kaeli Hertz Teases Debut Mixtape – MAKTUB

Oregonian DJ and Producer, Kaeli Hertz, has just dropped her debut mixtape – half of it that is.

Last Friday, the first track of Kaeli Hertz‘s mixtape, Maktub, arrived on SoundCloud. Hypnotic drum machines and eerie vocals make up the bulk of this pre-summer mixtape. If you want the rest, you’ll have to wait until May 11th.

Although a native to the Pacific Northwest, Kaeli spent most of her career in the Bay Area, California. Her Norcal sound is largely reflected in her mixtape. The project includes original remixes for Angelo Moore, of Fishbone, and for multi-instrumentalist/beatboxer, Butterscotch Music; as well as features from Oakland native rapper, G. Battles, and nationally ranked poet, Jamey The Poet.

Photo Courtesy of Kaeli Hertz
Photo Courtesy of Kaeli Hertz

Maktub, an Arabic word meaning “what’s meant to be will be,” captures the sentiment of the whole project. With elements of hiphop, house, downtempo, and future music the songs are vibrant and eclectic yet meld together to form a heavy hitting west coast sound.

Where it all began

Kaeli, an audio engineer by trade, began her career in San Francisco at the SAE institute of Technology. Upon graduating she found herself interning at top studios in California, including Fantasy Studios and Ninth Street Opus.

After a few years of engineering, she realized her true passion was for creating music. Soon Kaeli found herself under the wing of diamond record selling producer, Jim Greer. Jim, who’s clientele include Foster The People, Macy Gray, Galactic, and many more, quickly put Kaeli to work composing remixes.

Now back in her native state of Oregon, Kaeli continues her career as an independent artist working with local talent. She also DJ’s with residencies at several top bars and clubs where she infuses her eclectic sound with original remixes and tracks.

Maktub is a kaleidoscopic mix of titillating synths and crooning siren’s song, perfect to lull you into that sweet summer haze. Kaeli Hertz will release the rest of Maktub will be out on SoundCloud on May 11th, 2018.

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