Kendrick, Nas, Lil Wayne & More Will Be on Swizz Beatz’s New Album

Over 10yrs In The Making

Swizz Beatz is finally going to release his second solo album, Poison, this summer. The project follows up 2007’s One Man Band Man and now we know who will feature on the star-studded LP: Kendrick Lamar, Nas, Lil Wayne, Pusha-T, Young Thug, 2 Chainz, the Lox, Giggs, and Jim Jones are all set to contribute. “You can hear the passion from everyone on the record; they wanted to be a part of it,” he told Pitchfork. “It wasn’t a transaction. When you hear other features on a lot of projects, it feels like a transaction. You’re either chasing hype or it’s a transaction.”

The super-producer did say that the Nas verse that’s on the new album was orginally for an as-yet-unreleased Nas full-length that the two made together. He added, “I took all the hits off my record, meaning anything that felt too big that the rest of the record wouldn’t live.”


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