Kev Classik Wants the Crown with His video “Crown Me”

A lot of people want the crown, but they’re not willing to bleed for it.

Splice Sounds

– Scott Haze

Kev Classik is an rapper from Riverdale, California who has created a sound that is all his own and has put his blood, sweat, and tears into his latest video for “Crown Me”.


It goes without saying that every rapper wants the crown. It’s just apart of the game. And even when you get the crown the constant battle to keep it is enough of a burden for a thousand lifetimes. But with a lot to prove and a steep mountain of competition to climb Kev Classik is out to prove the crown is rightfully his.

I had to put them out the miseries.

King Tut, what the fuck!

You think you ain’t gonna make some enemies?

I came up, now they working hard to get rid of me.

Jealousy got y’all feeling me

The track features Stevie Rizo who delivers a crazy vocal performance on the song’s chorus that sets the atmosphere for the many battles and the constant struggles that Kev Classik has had to endure. The video itself is set in what could be called the ruins of a kingdom once filled with hope and pride now reduced to a wasteland of broken dreams. Dreams that Kev still raps about. His dream of having the crown. Will he get it? Only time will tell. But one thing is for sure. HEAVY IS THE HEAD THAT WEARS THE CROWN!

To hear more from Kev Classik go to his SoundCloud @KevClassik and to get updates about up and coming projects follow his Instagram @KevClassik

Also, check out the video to “Crown Me” below:

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