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Morph Choir Drops WorldBeat Single “Hurt”

Release & The Man Behind the Morphing Personas

The experimental project Morph Choir, is releasing its second Single, “Hurt,” off the upcoming debut album, “The Dereliction Trilogy: Or, The Unbearable Silence of God”

Morph Choir creator, Oliver Eldridge, calls himself the “one man music-collective.” But between the projects dense instrumentation and smattering of worldbeat, pop, and jazz influences, you’d never know it was the work of a single mind.

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Keeping with the rest of the album, “Hurt employs a wide range of African instrumentation. Despite the song’s message of fear and loss, instruments like the African Kalimba give “Hurt” a light, effervescent quality. Truly, pleasant incarnate.

Following the release of Morph Choir artist Pleasant Jest’s single “Tell Me” in March, “Hurt” is is the second single to be released off Morph Choir’s forthcoming debut album, The Dereliction Trilogy, Or: The Unbearable Silence of God. More singles from the album will be released later this year by Morph Choir artists Marble Figurine and Origen.

“I felt like numerous people with multiple different behavioral inclinations, all somehow existing simply as one person”

The full album is set for a release in the Summer of 2019. If such a distant release date seems ambitious for a burgeoning artist, than you don’t know Morph Choir. “Hurt” is just the beginning of a story Eldridge is planning to tell. It’s a snapshot. One of many taken by Eldridge, who after graduating from college and moving back home to Florida, found himself confused, anxious, and searching for meaning. Eldridge was undergoing an identity crisis.

There were a lot of difficult philosophical conundrums I was struggling to make sense of in my own life but there was also some trauma from my youth and young adult years that I didn’t really know how to cope with in a healthy way. It all left me feeling pretty paralyzed, self-destructive and full of bitterness and anger.

Questioning your place in society. Searching for purpose and identity. Existential angst isn’t uncommon for a new college graduate. But Oliver’s identity crisis was of a different breed. More than ever before, Oliver had the uncanny feeling that multiple identities were existing inside him at once. Worse yet, these dueling personalities were muddying up the music he was trying to make.

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All of the music I was making at the time left me feeling disappointed and bored within two weeks of releasing it, regardless of how proud of it I actually was. I’d do whatever genre came the easiest to me but this left me feeling like I wasn’t making much of an attempt to stretch myself creatively beyond what I was already comfortable with.

While many people in this situation might have tried to escape such a mental state, Oliver made space for it. He began to craft his identity crisis into a new kind of music project: Morph Choir.

In a matter of weeks, the young artist finished writing his first album, packed his car with the essentials, and headed for Los Angeles to produce the first installment of his musical escapade.

Morph Choir is Gearing Up to Write an Epic Poem

Morph Choir’s output is small at the moment. But each Single serves as piece of a jigsaw puzzle that Eldridge is meticulously assembling. All future Morph Choir albums will follow the same formula: a trilogy of 4-track EPs compiled onto one album. Morph Choir’s debut album, for example, will be comprised of one worldbeat-inspired EP (by Pleasant Jest), one Jazz-inspired EP (by Marble Figurine) and one Hip-hop-inspired EP (by Origen). While each EP will have a different genre and overall sound underlying it, each album as a whole will be connected thematically rather than musically.

We musicians tend to be a little loose with the word “project.” We’re quick to call the songs we just recorded a project when it’s really just an album. What Morph Choir is baking up here is most definitely a project. Follow @MorphChoir, check out the official Morph Choir page and listen to “Hurt on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and Spotify.

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