My Favorite Color Is the Artist Missing From Your Playlist This Week

The colorful and delightfully chill rapper My Favorite Color is starting to make waves in the indie hip hop music scene. His debut album Go! was released last week on February 9th. The seven track EP, that was “made in Cody’s garage,” is a testament of this up-and-coming rapper’s lyrical flow and range. Flowing over beats all produced by One800, My Favorite Color is the millennial rapper that will give you that real. His music speaks about the insecurities, uncertainties and conflicts we all face in our journey through life – the only difference is he has decided to put his out for us all to hear. The fourth track on the album, “Voices,” is a standout song that reminds us how haunting and influential our conscious can be on the daily. “Dollars,” which is presumably the EP’s lead track, is about that all too familiar being broke with rich dreams narrative that many have lived and are currently living. The video for the single is visual complement to the track showing that My Favorite Color does not need to depend on gimmicks and visual aids for a solid track, but is willing to let his music take you where you need to go.

In the current environment where money has been a huge motivator in hip hop, it will be interesting to see the resurgence of artists like My Favorite Color who are more focused on the music first and getting paid after.

You can stream My Favorite Color’s EP Go! on Apple MusicSoundcloud and Spotify.

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