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The Los Angeles rapper behind this years Victory Lap drops knowledge about how Hove helped the hip hop nation when he released “Hard Knock Life,”

Nipsey Hussle, who’s basically the realest rapper dropping bars these days, is having a damn good week. His long anticipated major label debut album, Victory Lap, finally saw the light of day this week after years in development purgatory and he exceeds expectations with a finely crafted album which embraces its west coast roots with guest appearances from Cali titans such as Kendrick Lamar and YG. Riding his own victory lap, the Compton rapper started this morning with an interview on The Breakfast Club where he shed light about many topics including how Jay-Z kickstarted his career.

Years ago, when Nipsey released Compton, he sold special hard copies of the mixtape for $100 each. Jay-Z, who hadn’t met the young rapper at the time, surprised Nipsey when he bought a hundred copies of Compton. He also revealed how Jay-Z cleared the famed “Hard Knock Life,” sample for all future rappers when he bought it from the producers of the Broadway staple Annie.

He also dished on a wide range of topics including how Sam Greenlee’s novel The Spook Who Sat By The Door influenced his outlook on life, the importance of teaching others about cryptocurrency, and how he’s producing a documentary about Dr. Sebi, the man who claimed to cure aids. Catch the full interview below and bump Nipsey Hussle’s Victory Lap today because the mans worked hard on it and it’s good.

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