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Check Out our Press Play Session on Music Publishing & Licensing Edition ON DASH RADIO 10/16

This “Press Play” event was a special one for us here at Nogossipla.  The main topic for the latest event was Music Publishing and Licensing. Music publishing and licensing can be extremely complex.

How to submit a record or instrumental I feel will be great for television?

The aim this evening  was to simplify the process and explain the concepts of publishing and licensing to artists and creatives that may not have the knowledge.

A label contacted me regarding a song a wrote?

The ownership of a song is not as simple as producing and distribution of music. The songwriter is the owner, but some do not look after the rights of their work after it is created. Issuing licenses for the use of a song, collecting royalties, and accounting can be a task that requires attention to detail.

During the networking event we listened to new music from our special guest Derrick Milano who spoke on the newest sound trends and how monetizing his music and videos helped him grow his brand.

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