Rachel Foxx Flirts with Love in New Ep, “Flame”

UK Singer, Rachel Foxx Cranks Up the Thermostat in Her Newest EP, Flame.

Flame is a meditation on love and here the R&B artist, Rachel Foxx is investigating every corner of that steamy, meandering emotion.

Following the success of the EP’s disco teaser, “Happen to Me“, the rest of Flame follows suit nicely. With vintage synthesizers and steamy ballads of heartache springing up all across the album, Flame is a model citizen among the Back-to-the-roots R&B movement.

“Happen to Me” – Rachel Foxx

Flame opens up with the track “Daydream”. A slow-burner that features Rachel Foxx freestyling slick and mellow. And if that track is Foxx’s fantasy of the perfect romance, “Wrong” is its nightmare doppelganger from the Upside Down. Here, the singer sounds trapped by her emotions. From her sedated state she sings: “I think of you religiously/ You know what you done did to me/ I’m meant to be at work/ I need to go to Church, on a Sunday/ I’m hoping one day you’ll see/ that I can’t even function, thanks to you baby.”

In the final tracks, “Chance on You” and “Don’t Be Shy,” Foxx stuffs love in a blender to combine heartfelt lyrics of devotion with sultry lines of desire. Truly, no one makes monogamy sound as sexy as Rachel Foxx: “I can give it to you/ and you can give it to me/ and I make you look so passionate, but effortlessly. Is all I do is tell the truth/ so it’s not confusing when you hear what I’m doin’/ I’ll make you choose it.

RachelFoxxDon’t Be Shy” is definitely the EP’s banger track. Foxx spits lyrics over a subdued trap beat and recounts how a one-night stand turned into an “every-other weekend” stand.

Flame is a bouquet of varying shades of love. Throughout the EP, Rachel Foxx dances between the roles of devoted partner, displaced romantic, and something a bit more lusty. You can listen to Flame pretty much anywhere you find music.




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