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Why Does Everyone Name-Drop Rihanna??

Photo Courtesy of Rihanna
Photo Courtesy of Rihanna

 Rihanna’s sphere of influence is massive with name-drops in over 250 tracks.

You could tell me you you’ve been avoiding radio, clubs, and roller rinks since ’06, but I’d still bet you’ve heard of Rihanna. Between 9 Grammy awards, 250 million record sales, and being Spotify’s most streamed female singer, the Barbadian dance-hall icon is inescapable. It’s not just her own songs though. Artists across the spectrum of Hip-Hop and Rap throw around “Rhi Rhi” so often you’d think it was a new type of dijon mustard.

Photo Courtesy of Rihanna
Photo Courtesy of Rihanna

We crunched the numbers to see just how much love the Carribean queen is getting from other artists. By our count, she’s been name-dropped in 262 songs! From Rihanna’s Rise as a Fashion-Icon to her slew of chart-toppers, the singer has had an undeniable mark on our culture.

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Take a look at some of the most notable shout-outs Rihanna has received through the years. And for the die-hards, we’ll be uploading a playlist of songs that show some love to our girl Rhi Rhi, shortly.

1. “Lemon” – Rihanna, N.E.R.D.

Rihanna’s latest collab with N.E.R.D. from the album No One Ever Really Dies” featured some self-referential rapping in punchy verse.

was afraid, once a nigga graduate
Would I be okay?
So I prayed and I played
It’s Rihanna, nigga
My constellation in space

2. “Oldie” – Odd Future

Produced by Tyler, The Creator
Album The OF Tape Vol. 2

That’s great, I’m home alone dreaming of two on ones
With Rihanna and Christina Milian, bring it on

3. “Made Men” – Rick Ross ft. Drake

Even though this is one of Drake’s only tracks where he calls out Rihanna by name, we’re pretty sure everything he’s produced between 2011 and “Views” has been about her.

One of my baddest women ever, I call Rihanna
But that’s because her name is Rihanna

4. “FEAR” – Kendrick Lamar

Produced by Bekon & The Alchemist
Album DAMN.

I read a case about Rihanna’s accountant and wondered
How did the Bad Girl feel when she looked at them numbers?

5. “Freaks and Geeks” – Childish Gambino

You know smooth-talking Donald Glover wasn’t going to pass on a Rhi Rhi name-drop.

Leavin’ with your girl when we last seen each other
Yeah you fuckin’ with the baddest like we tag team Rihanna
Fly girl on her knees, she don’t wanna come near me
My dick is too big, there’s a big bang theory

6. “Fashion Killa ” – A$AP Rocky & Rihanna

Produced by A$AP Rocky, Friendzone & Hector Delgado

Her attitude Rihanna, she get it from her mama
She jiggy like Madonna, but she trippy like Nirvana

7. “Illuminati” – Madonna

Its not Jay-Z and Beyonce
It’s not Nicki or Lil Wayne
It’s not Oprah and Obama
The Pope or Rihanna
Queen Elizabeth or Kanye
It’s not pentagrams

8. “She Bad” – Cardi B & YG

With all the hype around the “genre-conquering” superstar’s new album, Invasion of Privacy, you’d think this was the first time someone solicited sex with Rihanna via song. As we’ve seen here today, that’s definitely not the case. I guess when it’s Cardi B suggesting a Rihanna-Ménage à Trois though, it amps things up a bit.

“Spoil me in Prada, I’m worth every dollar (cash)
The one you made, could keep ’em (yeah)
I need Chrissy Teigen
Know a bad bitch when I see one (yeah, woo)
Tell Rih-Rih I need a threesome.”

If you can’t tell, we’re obsessed with Rihanna here at NoGossipLA. Check out what else we’ve said about her here.




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