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Sample Sunday: Jay-Z and Beyoncé are unapologetic in their “Black Effect”

The Carter’s. The epitome of Hip-hop royalty. Now that the “Family Feud” is over Jay-Z and wife Beyoncé dropped a surprise joint project called “EVERYTHING IS LOVE”. But even with their huge success and a combined net worth of over 1 billion they are still seen as a Black couple first. It’s with this realization that Jay Z and Beyoncé are unapologetic about the black experience with their latest track “Black Effect”.

With the album being titled “Everything IS LOVE” it would be appropriate that ‘love’ first be defined. Which is exactly what happens in the first part of the track. A woman starts to define true love in it’s most purest form. UNCONDITIONAL.

I know I’ve only come half the way
But looking the mirror I see and older me
Not realizing all the years that past away
But I know I’ve only come half the way

As the beat starts to slowly come the soulful sample of Japanese rock band Flower Travellin’ Band’s “Broken Strings” plays. The 7:19 track is from their 4th studio album “Make Up”. The original track is infidelity a vibe that is a reflection of the times, complete with one of the dopest guitar solos.

Jay-Z has continued the conversation of the Black Excellence that was heard on his last album 4:44. On this track Jay-Z talks about his love for black culture with lines like, “Extra magazine hopped on a jet with my Ebony chick, blacker than the Essence Fest.” and “Dapper Dan at 4AM, shit, I am the culture”. He even talks about how being black doesn’t mean your going to be supported by your own people. “I made my own waves so now they’re anti-Tidal”.

I’m good any way I go, any way I go (go)
I pull up like the Freedom Riders, hop out on rodeo
Stunt with your curls, your lips, Sarah Baartman hips
Gotta hop into my jeans, like I hop into my whip

But not to be out done. Beyoncé proves why she is by his side and not behind him. And as her light shines the queen B talks her talk. It’s moments like these that Beyoncé has shown her ability to flow as seen on songs like “Top Off”, “Diva”, “7/11”, and a slew of other songs. Beyoncé is an MC. And she is not afraid to remind people who’s the real Queen.

Listen to Hip-hop’s royalty Jay-Z and Beyoncé on their latest release “Black Effect”.


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