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Sample Sunday: Pusha T and Rick Ross Talk Keys on their Latest Single “Hard Piano”

Pusha T’s long awaited album Daytona (formerly King Push) was released on Friday. So far it has been well received around the industry as both lyrical and true to the fundamentals of hip-hop. The album is only 7-tracks which is surprising since Pusha T. has not dropped an album since 2015. But what isn’t surprising is that Pusha T gives the fans what he’s best known for “Drug dealer metaphors.” Throughout his career no other rapper can compare to the vast number of drug references and metaphors that helped earn him the name “King Push. So it would be only right that he recruit Rick Ross to create a drug dealer’s anthem “Hard Keys”.

Produced by Kanye West, Hard Keys samples Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Band’s single “HIGH AS APPLE PIE – SLICE II”, which appeared on their album “Express Yourself”. The sample shows Kanye going back to his signature style of soulful samples that helped him gain recognition and eventually a record deal with Roc-A-Fella records. Combine this with the chorus’ Spanish influenced sound that highlights the drug mecca Santo Domingo (which is the capital of the Dominican Republic). It’s easy to see why both artists are featured on this track.

Still do the Fred Astaire on a brick,
Tap tap, throw the phone if you hear it click,

Lines like the one above prove Pusha T’s knack for turning even the most disconnected figure from hip-hop (“Fred Astaire) into a metaphoric representation of drug dealing. This is the talent of King Push. Heroine-flow at it’s finest! But not to be out done, Rick Rock immediately goes into cocaine metaphors and boastful bars that reference women, cars, and the respect that comes from being the “Boss”. “I can blow a million dollars into dust, Lord knows how many bottles I’ve done bust”. Both verses combine to become a deeply layered hustler’s memoir of the two’s unfinished stories that are unique, while also serving the same purpose of reminding everyone why he is “King Push”.

Checkout for yourself the soulful hustler’s anthem “Hard Piano” by Pusha T. and Rick Ross:

 This track was cleared by Nikki Marshall from Warner Music Group. We had the pleasure of having her as our special guest for the “Press Play” event. Click here to listen to the “Press Play” event and find out more about some of the other samples that she has helped clear for your favorite rapper

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