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SoundCloud Fights for Fans: “First on SoundCloud”

SoundCloud’s Newest Promotion for Artists

Nilüfer Yanya Performs During SoundCloud x Zelle Present Room 512
Nilüfer Yanya Performs During SoundCloud x Zelle Present Room 512

“First on SoundCloud” Showcases Budding Talent

Launched on March 21, 2018, “First on SoundCloud” is celebrating upcoming artists that started their music careers with the media-sharing platform and is encouraging all creators to join the spotlight. “First on SoundCloud” is kicking off with featuring artists like:  KehlaniGalimatiasTaylor BennettLorine ChiaMelo Makes MusicParty PupilsJay PrinceCathedralsstarRo, and Witt Lowry

In a press release, SoundCloud encouraged its users to “upload an original track to SoundCloud and tag it #SCFIRST, for a chance to be promoted across SoundCloud.” Promotional features including your work getting added to a #SCFIRST playlist, promotion on the company’s social media and blogs, and consideration for the Premier monetization program.

SoundCloud’s users are not the basement beat-makers they once were. Digital savvy and the rise of the independent artist has given birth to a generation of creators that know How to Market Music Like a Pro. As the company has undergone tremendous re-branding over the last year, the promotion appears to be a way for SoundCloud to anchor itself into the changing music industry and avoid The Fate of Record Labels. “First on SoundCloud” is a much needed move towards rewarding homegrown music makers on SoundCloud and will hopefully quell some loyalty among a new generation of artists.

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