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St. Domonick Won’t be Confined by Labels in his Video “Track 4”

Is it Rap? Is it Hip-hop? Is it Trap? For St. Domonick the answer’s simple. It’s “Track 4”. And at the same time it’s track 3 of his recently released project #SSS (short for “Santos Swim School”). This is just one example of how St. Domonick proves that he won’t be confined by labels or the traditional rules. St. Domonick (also known as Vuelo) is an independent artist from Tulsa, Oklahoma who has created a unique sound and a loyal fanbase as he has become “the light” to a city with so much dark history.

The track’s production has a heavy Houston influence which can be heard as the track opens with a Chopped & Screwed sample from Eazy-E’s “Sippin On A 40”:


Naw, lets roll to another spot

Back in the ‘4 to another store


I told you the store on 124th keep the cold brew

As far as the video St. Domonick and director Nativemello create the perfect visual to “Track 4” which is an inside look into who St. Domonick is. An an artist with no limitations and not confined by a look or a sound, he is the look and sound. The video showcases his duality as a fun-loving braggadocious Vuelo, and his ability to be a deep introspective St. Domonick as the track switches up to “In my mind” (which is the 7th track on the project) part way through. Either way it’s unapologetically him.

To hear more from St. Domonick go to his SoundCloud @St. Domonick and to get updates about up and coming projects follow his Instagram @Vuelo918

Also, check out the video to “Track 4” below:

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