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The Houston born, Madonna endorsed rapper teams up with Adonis the Greek for his latest song.

After breaking through in 2017 with hit single “What’s the Word,” which led to him signing a deal with Madonna’s DanceOn company, Stoppa returns with newest single “Who You With,” featuring the St. Louis born mythological rapper Adonis the Greek.

The track opens with a somber tone before Stoppa rips into a catchy and energetic verse shouting out the people he knows from the bricks who “never had shit,” how he cuts those off who “was acting sus,” and how the “devils tryna bring me down.” The beat, produced by Blu Majic Beat Co hits hard and Adonis owns the hook with a soulful autotuned plea towards the girls who are “always playin.”

The track arrives fresh off his 2017 singles “What’s the Word,” and “Hype Now.” Check out the track below and keep a close eye on Stoppa because something tells me this isn’t the last we will hear from the Houston rapper in 2018.


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Photo Cred: Bret James

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