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Sudan Archives Not for Sale


“This is my land not for sale”

With a mixture of African culture, Sudanese fiddler playing, and 90’s R&B, Sudan Archives delivers her latest video “Nont for Sale”. The track was inspired by a hand-painted banner that Sudan found in Ghana that read “THIS LAND IS NONT 4 SALE.” It’s powerful messages like this that are deeply intertwined throughout the track and becomes the theme for the “Nont for Sale” video.

Sudan Archives is an artist from Cincinnati, Ohio who signed to the Stone Throws Records label. Her musical talent as a violinists and use of experimental electronic music has helped her create a sound that is all her own and resonates through her production.

The video “Nont for Sale” can only be summed up as the preconceived experience of a California Wakanda. An idea that was brought to life by director Ross Harris along with Sudan Archives who is credited as co-director. Throughout the video Sudan Archives showcases African culture through the use of hair, fashion, and dance. This is the beauty of Sudan Archives.

So checkout the video “Nont for Sale” from Sudan Archives’s recently released sophomore EP, Sink:

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