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The Bold, The Beautiful: The Fontaines release new Single – “Between Us”

The Fontaines preparing to play SXSW and drop Love-Sick Single “Between Us”

Photo Credit: The Fontaines
Photo Credit: The Fontaines

There’s just something about The Fontaines that I can’t quite place…

Earlier this week The Fontaines released their 2nd single of 2018, “Between Us.” The track is a sickly-sweet recollection of lost-love and missed opportunities. “Between Us”  depicts that tragic dissipation of a romance unrequited; the waning of an old-flame that never made it to flare.

The brother sister duo have been making noise in LA since their break out EP, iiin 2016. This was followed by a flurry of Singles and EPs throughout 2017. Each came packaged in minimal, monotone, themed album art with a tight-knit New-Wave pop track to match.

Throughout “Between Us,” Charlotte sings with a vintage luster in her voice that embodies both pain and power. She is a soft, forceful energy that warns of a heart not to be toyed with. Charlotte’s brother, Hank Fontaine, backs her up with twangy guitar riffs while the rest of the band follows suit with a compact funk pulse.

Only a couple years in the making but The Fontaines’ sound has been undergoing continual metamorphosis. What has remained constant is Charlotte’s nonchalant, almost country-star drawl, and reoccurring themes of star-crossed love. I’m excited to see what the group leans into in the coming year. You can catch The Fontaines at SXSW this year as well as High School Nation’s Spring Tour. Follow @TheFontaines and check out the rest of their music on Spotify or SoundCloud.


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