The Millennial Club breeds Heartache on Loveday with “Give it Up”

New music video on anniversary of last release


The Millennial Club, Synth-pop outfit hailing from Whittier, has just dropped a polished new music video for their single, “Give It Up,” and on the anniversary of their release of “Love is so Hard” – romantic right? This four man band which consists of Andres Owens (vocals/guitar), Jared Ortiz (bass/keyboard), Jake Stevenson (guitar/saxophone), and Tyler Kamei (drums) has been kickin’ it together since high school but have only played as The Millennial Club since 2015. That’s when the group started producing tracks and playing local venues throughout their hometown and Los Angeles.

As a group notable for their creamy synthesizers, throbbing vocals about lost love, and punchy, The 1975-esque guitar riffs, it’s no accident the quartet’s got an affinity for Valentine’s Day. Their latest video is an aesthetic hybrid of 80’s nostalgic dream-pop and modern amenities: bushy hair and a classic car, all lit up in the bluish glow of half a dozen smart phone screens. Check out the music video for “Give It Up,” directed by Brad Michael Wong, and keep The Millennial Club on your radar as the groups looking to drop their first EP this Summer and is playing a few shows in SoCal in the coming months.

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