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‘Those Wicked Hours’ Releases Zen(ed)-Out Single “West”

The latest creative efforts of the genre-bending band, ‘Those Wicked Hours‘, is a sonically interesting, mood-altering mixture of pop, rock, and electronic. If anything—I would call this sound
“World Music”.

I was immediately aware that this was not to be just another “listening experience”. The warm, silky electric piano sets the tone from the outset. The haunting tonality invokes a state of calm awareness. The beat is amazing, as well, but it won’t stay the same for long—nothing in this song stays still for long.

This song is in a constant state of flux—the erratic-but-controlled interchangeability leaves you feeling that you are, somehow, in control of the myriad of changes. The sound cultivated is eclectic, but very natural, as well. And, the tapestry of this tune gets more dramatic by the bar.

Acting as sort of a connective tissue is the light and dreamy vocal. It doesn’t even matter what this voice is singing—or, rather, chanting, because it fits so well in the space of the groove; it is hard to imagine the sound-scape without it.

So, If you are looking for a song that will make you want to move—this may not be your best choice. But, If you want a song that will force you to mellow out and embark on a few-minute journey, hurry and listen to Those Wicked Hours’ latest release, ‘West‘.

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