14 Athletes You (Probably) Didn’t Know Spent Time in the Studio

Various athletes across the NBA, NFL, and PGA that make music

All across the NBA, NFL, and PGA, athletes are laying down tracks. Here’s a few of them.

Below you will find a list of various professional athletes who have spent time making music. You’ll find that some of them are pretty great, and some should probably stay out of the studio, but regardless of quality, all of these athletes did music a great service by giving their perspectives and releasing their own artistic content.

Kyrie Irving – “RIDICULOUS

In addition to being a five-time NBA All Star, Kyrie Irving has been diving into music lately. He released “Ridiculous” as part of the soundtrack for Uncle Drew. Released in June 2018, Irving played the lead role, making it his debut into film as well.

Victor Oladipo – “Unfollow

Since joining the Indiana Pacers in 2017, Victor Oladipo has won the NBA Most Improved Player Award, as well as steadily increasing and improving his discography. His R&B style is far more laidback and soulful than the music of his NBA counterparts. In “Unfollow,” Oladipo collaborates with Grammy-winning artist Eric Bellinger.

Kobe Bryant“K.O.B.E”

Chris Webber“Gangsta, Gangsta”

Lonzo Ball – “LAVAR

Beginning his NBA career in 2017 with the Los Angeles Lakers, Ball hasn’t spent much time in the game, but has constantly been making headlines since then. His debut track “LAVAR” is named after his father, the song serving as a tribute to him, as well as the rest of his family. Ball’s flow is simple and monotonous, and definitely not as good as his basketball skills, but with the additional sampling of his father, and an overall okay production value, Lonzo Ball isn’t half bad at music either.

Allen Iverson“40 Bars”


Damian Lillard – “Run It Up

Portland Trailblazers point guard raps under the name Dame D.O.L.L.A. He’s a three-time NBA All Star, and his music isn’t half bad either. “Run It Up” is a dark and gloomy trap track by Dame D.O.L.L.A. and features Lil Wayne. His MC skills are great, and the addition of Lil Wayne makes this song into something that could compete for radio airplay.

Bernie Williams“La Salsa En Mi”

Todd Gurley II – Ghost “Runnin Back” ft. Todd Gurley II

Shaquille O’Neal“No Hook”

As one of basketball’s biggest names, it’s no surprise that Shaq is on this list. His debut was in 1993 with the release of Shaq Diesel. His musical career stayed steady throughout the rest the 90’s, and although he doesn’t release at the same rate he used to, he manages to feature on a track every year or so. As well as making music, Shaq has a lengthy acting career, starring in films such as Kazaam and Uncle Drew.

Bubba Watson – “Oh Oh Oh

While the majority of the athletes that release music are in the NFL or NBA, the PGA is home to a group of musically-inclined individuals as well. Bubba Watson is one fourth of Golf Boys, the best, and only music group entirely made up of PGA Tour players. Their debut single, “Oh Oh Oh,” is the golf anthem the world needs.

Macho Man Randy Savage“Perfect Friend”

Iman Shumpert – “Anarchy

When he’s not on the court for the Sacramento Kings, Iman Shumpert spends time in the studio as well. Recording under the moniker, Iman., he released his debut EP earlier this year. Substance Abuse is full of trap inspired beats, and stands as a solid piece of music for an athlete. In addition to his own musical aspirations, Shumpert is married to artist Teyana Taylor.

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