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Quoting Jim Morrison, Receiving Condoms As Gifts, And Watching Hey Arnold On Shrooms: A NogossipLA Exclusive Conversation With Tyla Yaweh

NoGossipLA met up with the charismatic rapper at Rolling Loud Festival in San Bernardino.

Unpredictable, energetic, chaotic. These are only a few words which could accurately describe what it’s like attending one of Tyla Yaweh’s live shows. The charismatic rapper, whose career started in the dingy clubs of Portland, Oregon, found himself onstage at Rolling Loud in San Bernardino back in December, wowing both fans and critics alike with his undeniable stage presence and an uncanny ability at working his crowd into a manic frenzy. From stage diving and sharing blunts to jumping into the crowd and partaking in the mosh pit, Tyla destroys all previously established boundaries between audience and performer which, in turn, creates a genuine connection between Tyla and his fans. A connection which sometimes the audience takes too far.

“This random girl comes out and hands me a condom,” he says. “It was a Lifestyle and I don’t use those…it had her number written on the back.”

Offstage, Tyla’s energy stays constant at an incredibly high level. NoGossipLA caught up with enigmatic rapper at the Rolling Loud media tent for an exclusive interview, and it’s clear that the man knows how to work a room. He dances around from group to group, cracking jokes and flashing his award-winning smile as he floats around, effortlessly sparking up conversations with anybody who listens, creating an all-inclusive atmosphere.

When he finally settles down for our scheduled interview, the nearby Sauce Stage repeatedly catches his attention, distracting him from the conversation mid-sentence. “They brought out Trippie Redd,” he says as the crowd’s roar for the special guest leaks into the media room. “Is that Trippie?” he questions himself before finding reassurance. “Oh, that’s lit,” he says with a laugh before finishing his original thought. It’s clear he not only plays a part in the culture, but he’s a fan of it as well.

Speaking about the Rolling Loud festival, one that’s dedicated solely to the rap and hip-hop genre,Tyla speaks passionately about the movement immediately quoting Jim Morrison when he predicted that “electronic music is the future.” Tyla then proclaimed how rappers are the “new rock stars,” and that he doesn’t classify himself as a Soundcloud rapper (or a rapper in general) because he’s aware of how one can be “stuck in a box. You’ll know you’re a timeless artist when your out of the box.” Freeing himself of the label allows him to “do whatever song he wants.”

He defines his creativity as “imagination, pure imagination.” Explaining himself, he states that his creativity is “everything that happens in my mind…I see every commercial and cartoon that I watch.” His favorite cartoons?

Rugrats,” he says with excitement. “They had the best imagination, they made a journey of their life. And Hey Arnold, I was on shrooms watching it, thinking ‘what the fuck that is so deep.’”

Check out the full enlightening interview below. Are you guys ready for the next Rolling Loud Miami stop?

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