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Meet Ashley aka Ashbash

The city that introduced Nipsey Hussle, Mack 10 and SiR has another up and coming rapper making waves – Ashbash aka Ashley. Ashbash is a 25 year old artist from Inglewood, CA. Her single “Red Homies” has over half a million views on YouTube. Her tracks are available to stream and purchase on Spotify, Apple Music and various stream service platform. Tap in to the link – “” for more information.

There was a whirlwind of talent present behind-the-scene of the music video for “First Night” performed by Youngnote featuring Ashbash. “First Night” is the latest track that Ashbash featured in. She met Youngnote via Stephen G’s instagram challenge, “ I had seen the challenge on instagram that he (Youngnote) did before, so when he entered the Stephen G challenge, I was like ‘Fuck this, I’m about to tap in!’. I really like his flow- we met soon after and it was like I had known him for over 10 years- the rest is history.”

In the middle of the shoot, Youngnote was rapping along his verse and throwing cash at the camera; the scene perfectly aligned with the verse, “ All I want is cash and the throne”. During the interview, Youngnote spoke about what sparked the collaboration for the new track, “She didn’t hit me up directly, she commented on my post, I reached out to her saying ‘I appreciate you for commenting on my post’, and we just started working together”.

The underground hip-hop scene of Inglewood surfaced for the night as the rhythmic beat from the track echoed through the narrow street. Everyone was vibing to the music and enjoying themselves. Ashbash was directing the video with Dundeefilms. Gold Chains and Gucci glitzed up the video. Outside of the shoot, Ashbash’s friends and crew were just kicking it and jamming to the new single.
Ashbash had her signature red hair on. Her fluorescent green shirt contrasted against the red attire that most people wore – making her stand out from the crowd. She is a star and no one doubted it. After the film crew were done shooting the video, Ashbash asked if I wanted to interview her somewhere quiet. We went away from the crowd. Youngnote later joined, once we managed to turn the music down- I got the opportunity to ask questions regarding her music.

“I started making music young, when I was in the 9th grade” she said, reminiscently. “It was not easy at first, I had my son when I was 18 and my daughter when I was 20”. “At first, my parents thought I was just hanging out with friends, when really, I was at the studio making music”, she kept her response short and direct. “Its when they played my music on the radio, and when I showed them videos of my show that people started taking me seriously”. “It’s not as difficult anymore” she said with a smile. “They are all like a big support system now, my friends, family, my son and daughter”.

“First Night” – Youngnote ft Ashbash dropped earlier this month. When asked about the artists that inspire her, she listed “Meek Mill, Missy Elliot, Fabulous, Common and Lil Wayne when he dropped the carter”, she laughed, “not the new Lil Wayne – the old Wayne”.

“I grew up listening to R&B, I like John Donell”. Her appreciation for a range of genre is not just evident based on the artists she listens to; her discography is as diverse. “I write raps about everything, I have songs about life, I have party songs, I have songs you can smoke and chill too, my music is very versatile”.

She has grown a lot as a rapper and a performer since her first single- “Lean no Cholo”. The track is performed playfully and the verses are empowering. She posted the track on YouTube 8 years ago. Comparing her first single to her recent work – you can hear more layers to the beat she chooses and her rap has a certain grit to it that is hard to replicate.
The music video for “One Night” by Young Note featuring Ashbash will be available to view soon, until then her hit tracks such as “Red Homies”, “Surfboard” with FineHoe, “Last Time I checked” by Nipsey Hussel ft AshBash, The Coldest, Cocc Pistol Cree, Kandi is available to watch on YouTube. Chime in the hype, the culture that AshBash brings to light is deserving of the mainstream representation. When asked about how she’ll handle the fame once she makes it, she replied “ I want to build a studio in my local YMCA, I want the kids in my neighborhood to have access to studios where they are free to create music”.

check out more from Ash Bash on all major platforms here

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