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Capturing The Essence Of LA With Colyer

(pronounced – ‘Call-your’)

After his first single “Out for you” premiered in Apple Beats 1 radio, Colyer (pronounced – ‘Call-your’, “Like call-your-mom, explained by the artist himself with a chuckle) has been roaming the mystic world of the new-age rock scene in Los Angeles. Described poetically in his song “Log Out”, his tracks are available to stream and purchase in Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube.

Colyer, born Steven Colyer in North Carolina started pursuing music when he was 13. He initially experimented with “drums and guitar and keys a little later” that he mentioned during the interview. He then joined various bands and eventually started a career as a solo artist to find his true identity. Colyer started playing music in Detroit, currently residing in LA since 2014.

When asked why he decided to move to LA, he mentioned it was the lifestyle and the beach that attracted him. Thru his music Colyer captures the essence of LA – the melodies give a natural calming progression, perfect beach tunes in my opinion. Despite the pressure to commoditization his sound, Colyer has independently kept his music pure from such intention by letting his experience and talent guide his creative process. Stevie Wonder, Bryan Wilson, George Harrison and Jeff Buckley are some artists he enjoys. His music is fresh and has the 60s and 70s connotation to the Free Love Movement. Colyer has a topsy turvy worldview which combined with his somber voice gives his music a certain narrative that is relatable to many. His music is an exploration of his innate self in the midst of it all.

Colyer’s single has been featured in shows such as Netflix’s hit “Atypical”. Fun fact: he was featured in Lana Del Rey’s music video for “Love”. With the success that his last few singles have brought; he is currently working on releasing his new album. Sources indicated the release to be set in the summer of 2020; Colyer mentioned how he is deriving inspiration from his relationships and shenanigans, it’s an album that is coming together to be an intimate archive of his personal life.

While we wait for his new album, Colyer along with Beck Pete and Leah Capella, will be playing a show on February 26 at The Echo in Echo Park, LA- It’s a groove that one has to experience to understand.

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